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Windows 7大罪

Windows 7によってマイクロソフトはあなたのコンピュータの法的支配を確立し、その権力をもってコンピュータユーザーを利用しています。


標準規格は重要です。標準規格のおかげで、様々なコンピューティングプラットホームを使ったユーザーが情報を共有できるのです。 更にユーザーをベンダロックインのバリアから離れさせます。標準規格はオフィスの書類の分野で最も広く行き渡っており、州、国レベル両方において、政府全体が情報の互換性/将来性に基づいて決定を行ってきました。

Microsoft is attempting to block an established, free and open format by heavily pushing one they have much more control over, and they're using all their lobbying power to try and fast track it through the standards process, destroying the reputations of the very standards bodies they seek approval from. Microsoft challenges the existing OpenDocument standards for Office documents with its own Office OpenXML format, which specifically implements Microsoft Office, rather than a more general standard.

Unlike OpenDocument, which is well-supported and cross-platform, Microsoft's format is only supported by proprietary software from one vendor, and because it has been designed to implement every bug, glitch and historical feature from Microsoft's Office software, the specification to implement OOXML is over 6000 pages long, making it much harder for other software to implement the format.

Office documents are not the only area where Microsoft has railed against standards. Microsoft has abused its monopoly position on the internet, by making its Internet Explorer browser support only a subset of the published web standards, whilst submitting users to an inferior experience when an alternative browser was used. In Europe, Microsoft has been forced to offer a 'ballot screen' of alternative web browsers to the user upon installation of Windows 7 to force Microsoft's browser monopoly to end.

With free formats, it's important to ensure you are using free software as well. Free formats cannot excuse the damage done by proprietary software.